If you're on the move, go in thesame direction as the planet.

One of the UN’s greatest objectives in its Agenda 2030 is to promote the use of more sustainable energy. Government administrations are already responding by placing restrictions on the circulation of polluting vehicles.Emission-free mobility is increasingly becoming less of an option and more of an obligation. Until today, riding an electric motorcycle meant giving up many features. Yet the arrival of the RAY 7.7 is a game changer, offering speed, power, comfort, design and so much more.No need to give up anything, especially your principles.


The fear of being a long way from an electrical outlet is a feeling only known to those who have never put the RAY 7.7’s range to the test.There are many conditions affecting the range of an electric motorcycle: the way you ride it, your weight, the traffic, the road, the weather, and more.Combine them all and see how the RAY 7.7 has the highest range in its class!

duración de la batería de una moto eléctrica

115 km


A standard outlet. That’s all you need to charge your RAY 7.7. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got the whole night ahead of you or just 2 hours - the charger is so powerful that it enables you to charge more range than other scooters in far less time.

For example, in just 15 minutes, you can charge up to 16 km with quick charge and 8 km using the normal charge mode.


Normal charge 1.8 kW 4:20 h
Quick charge (optional charger) 3.3 kW 2:35 h
puntos de carga moto eléctrica en España


There are already hundreds of public charging points throughout Spain. You can view them all Here


It’s true that electric motorcycles are initially more expensive than their combustion engine counterparts. Yet the most important information when it comes to analyzing your investment is the total expenditure throughout the useful life of the motorcycle.

With the RAY 7.7, you’ll save money in the medium and long term, thanks to three factors:

Electricity The RAY 7.7 costs an average of only 0,6€ per 100 km. That’s 7 to 10 times less than the cost of gas for the same distance.
Maintenance You can say goodbye to changing filters, oil and coolants, along with so many other maintenance expenses.
Subsidies The Moves Plan provides a subsidy of up to €1100 for the purchase of an electric motorcycle. Many town councils discount the road tax on these vehicles, and most toll roads are free for them.